Call Us: (800) 530-4448

Call Us: (800) 530-4448
Call Us: (800) 530-4448

What Insurance Do I Really Need?

Not every broker understands what you need and no one wants to be in a bad situation on their own. Depending on your industry, your work can change daily, and the last thing you want to worry about is keeping tabs on your insurance.

Do your business a favor and every once in a while poll yourself. Ask these questions:

  • Is the work I’m doing today covered by my insurance?
  • Will damage be covered by my insurance if something goes wrong after I complete the job?
  • The sub-contractor I hired makes a mistake: is that my problem, or his?

Your insurance should be something you can depend on, not something that leaves you with fingers crossed hoping that you’re covered.

Not every broker understands your needs. Our decades of experience working as, and with, contractors makes us the best choice of insurance partners.

Give us a few moments of your time, let us show you what its like to have someone guide you through the good and bad of the insurance world.

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