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Call Us: (800) 530-4448
Call Us: (800) 530-4448

Traffic Crashes in the U.S

“At least 28% of all traffic crashes in the U.S. or 1.6 million crashes each year are caused by drivers using cell phones or sending/reading text messages, according to new estimates by the National Safety Council.”


Who knows how many of these were employees driving during work. Beyond the insurance costs that could be involved, the pain and suffering that the families go through is enough to think seriously about instituting a driver safety program. And one that specifically includes a cell phone policy.

If a driver safety program is’t part of your company policy, let us help. We can work through instituting, or updating, one on a consultative basis or as part of your annual insurance renewal. Let us get you the proper coverage so that if the worst case scenario happens, you’ll be covered.

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