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Quick.Read – Builder’s Risk

Builder’s Risk

Builders Risk, also known as Course of Construction insurance, is a special type of property insurance designed to help protect your insurable interest in the building plus materials, fixtures and/or equipment during construction or renovation.


Who should be buying Builders Risk Insurance? These policies can be purchased for new construction projects, remodels and even installs. There are several eligible types of clients for a Course of  Construction policy, a few common ones below:

  • Homeowners/ Property Owners
  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Retail Companies
  • School Districts


What does it cover exactly? Builder’s Risk can cover everything from sticks to structure at a ground-up new construction project, or just the materials being used for an addition or build-out, or it can cover the addition AND the original structure. 


So who needs Builders Risk, since many buildings already have Property coverage? Well, since many Building policies contain severe limitations, or even exclusions, for structures under construction or that are vacant, you’ll want to check with your insurance provider to verify what coverage you’ll need during your next project.


Every project has different risks, so you’ll need to have a policy that addresses your unique needs. Give us a call and we can help you make sure you’ve got the right type and amount of coverage for your project.

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