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What should you look for in an insurance broker?

What should you look for in an insurance broker?

No matter what vertical market your business operates in, you are in the business of helping others mitigate the real and serious risks that exist today. But your business needs protecting, too. Just as your clients need solutions uniquely fit for their needs, Eclipse Insurance and Risk Management focuses on providing solutions created solely for your business and operations.

Top Things to Look for in a Specialized Insurance Broker

Those in the security industry often find it difficult to find the right insurance broker or get adequate coverage. Few brokerages understand how to help specialized industries minimize risks and maximize potential, which often leaves these companies under protected and vulnerable. So what should you look for in a specialized insurance broker? Here are just a few of the most important factors.

Industry Knowledge

Choose a brokerage with knowledge of your industry. Not every specialized insurance brokerage specializes in the low voltage industry. Because of this, it makes it very difficult for them to offer the right coverage and what you do get may end up having costly gaps. A professional with thorough security industry knowledge can help ensure that you are properly covered.

Flexible Underwriting

Rigid structures and few options just do not serve specialized industries well. Look for a brokerage that offers “out-of-the-box” underwriting coverage based on your unique risk exposures.

Specialized Programs

Another indicator of a qualified insurance brokerage is one like Eclipse that offers customized Managed Risk Programs. These programs can offer reliable protection in unpredictable circumstances.

When other companies are unable to offer the coverage you require, it’s time to leverage Eclipse’s nearly 50 years of combined industry experience in covering even the most difficult liabilities. Visit us online to uncover potential gaps in your coverage using our exclusive Risk Analysis Tool or call (800) 530-4448 today for more information.

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Larry St. John is a 20+ year veteran of insurance and risk management for the construction and electronic security industries.

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