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California Work comp rates up 45%

An organization that many people don’t know much about is the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau.  The WCIRB just noted that California’s work comp rates have climbed 45% on average in 2012. One more thing the WCIRB notes is the State of California Insurance Fund (State Fund) continues to falter and lose market share. As State Fund’s market share decreases, prices are likely to increase, making 2013 an important year to stay on top of your work comp policy.


Here’s a quick check-list so you don’t experience a 45% increase on your renewal


  1. Be careful who you hire. Sounds simple we know, but it’s the first line of defense for work comp. We just heard about an employer. His office staff hired an employee without checking the employee out very well. The employee filed a work comp claim within a few months and has collected $128,200 in benefits which increased the employer’s rates by 63%!  Check up on the application.  Also drug tests, background checks, Motor Vehicle Reports all can provide you with a ton of information before you ever hire. It only takes one employee and one fraudulent claim to destroy your work comp rates over time.
  2. Shop for the best work comp carrier rates. The difference between the highest and lowest priced carriers can be as much as 50%. We just saved a client 20% on his work comp by moving him to the CRA-Advantage Program.
  3. Stay on top of any “open” claims. Work with the claim adjuster to close “open” work comp claims as soon as possible.
  4. Stay in touch with the employee during the claim. Reassure them that you want them back to work as soon as possible. If the employee feels like you don’t care about them then they may not care about leaving the claim “open” as long as possible, potentially costing you thousands.


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